As GIants performing at Two Brothers Roundhouse (9-30-2017)

I am starting to feel like I am unofficially the official photographer for As Giants after shooting the amazing Chicagoland band  Friday night. The guys played at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL. Lindsey Ward opened, followed by As Giants before Emblems took the stage. The venue was full and the warm-colored lights that lit the stage complemented the old stone wall behind the bands. 

Shooting bands here proved to be different than other shows I shot for a number of reasons. Mainly, the small venue meant that the drums needed to be quieted behind a wall, which made capturing the drummer much more difficult. On the other hand, the small stage also meant I could get closer shots of the drummer when I peered behind the wall. I could get close to all performers to snap photos close up or far away. One thing I’m used to is a dynamic light show of some sort. Two Brothers Roundhouse kept the stage lights static purely for atmosphere. On one hand, this made it easier to get more shots since lighting didn’t change to throw off exposure or white balance. On the other hand, I do find the changing lighting conditions can make for much more interesting photos. 

For those curious, I only used one lens on my Canon 7D Mark II, the Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8. No other gear was used, however I partially regret using my Sigma 30mm f/1.8 and Canon 50mm f/1.8 to so I could use a lower ISO and reduce noise. 

I also tested out Essential’s 360 degree camera accessory for the PH-1 smartphone. I plan to write a more thorough review of this camera at a later time. However, if you’d like to see a sampling of the 4k video this camera produces in 360 degrees, watch the video below of As Giants performing their song “Amber Lights.” You can use your mouse to look around the room as you watch the video. If you’re watching from the YouTube app, you can look around by pointing your phone around the room as if you’re actually there. You might be able to adjust your view by using your finger too. I didn’t move far from the camera either, so see if you can spot me!

You can also see photos from the show below:

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