Order your Mother’s Day Greeting Cards Today!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 8th this year, which is just a few short weeks away. Many of you will run to the local pharmacy and pick up a greeting card from the shelf. Many will find themselves buying the same card as a relative, diminishing the sentiment of the day. Don’t worry, I have a solution! Personalized greeting cards can be purchased from my online store and feature unique photographic art that you won’t find at the corner pharmacy. Prices are under $6, which is comparable to the cards you’ll find in store.

Order your cards here!

When you visit the store, you can choose from a variety of photos I have taken which will serve as the cover of the card. You can choose from landscapes and sunset to a variety of flower photos as your Mother’s Day card. Once you choose a card, you have the ability to fully customize it! Choose the orientation, size of the image, color of the border if one exists, and the message inside.

By ordering your cards from me, you’ll help support a local artist. The small profit I collect from your purchases will help support my family, pay my student loan debt, and fuel my creativity. Additionally, it will help me offer more products for you and others to choose from as it costs money to make these things available. Help local businesses and give your mother something special and unique! Order today!

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