How to use the Nik Collection plugins with Capture One

Google purchased the company behind the Nik Collection plugins a couple of years ago for the impressive Snapseed app. Not much has happened with the Nik Collection since Google’s acquisition, however. That is, not until the end of March 2016. The $150 plugin collection is now available for free to everyone. So what is the Nik Collection? It’s a collection of 7 plugins for Aperture (Mac users), Lightroom, or Photoshop. These plugins aren’t meant to replace your photo editing software, but rather enhance your workflow with easier or more powerful tools. What isn’t advertised, however, is that the Nik Collection plugins all work independently as separate applications, making Lightroom, Photoshop, or Aperture unnecessary if you have other photo editing software. We will take a look at how to use the Nik Collection plugins with Capture One. The 7 plugins include the following:

Download the Nik Collection here.

Analog Efex Pro

  • Simulare film and vintage camera styles
  • Customize the strength of the styles
  • Customize the style of each film or camera choice

Color Efex Pro

  • Customizable color effects
  • Color correction tool with many adjustable settings
  • Adjust color creatively or naturally

Silver Efex Pro

  • Tools to create hightly customizable black and white images
  • Styles to look vintage or modern
  • Presets for every situation, all customizable


  • Basic, local adjustments
  • Tools similar to Snapseed in function
  • Easily adjust specific areas without the need to create masks

HDR Efex Pro

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography tools for merging multiple exposures into one image
  • Presets available, all customizable
  • Create artistic images or natural-looking ones

Sharpener Pro

  • Adjust sharpness intelligently by sharpening details that matter
  • Use control points to determine areas to sharpen and ignore areas that shouldn’t
  • Target sharpening to method of distplay/printing


  • Intelligently reduce noise from images
  • Use control points to aid in intelligent noise removal
  • Helps clear up low-light images with high ISO.

Using the Nik Collection plugins with Capture One is actually easier than you might think. It’s as easy as right clicking on the image you wish to edit.

  1. Open Capture One and choose a collection of photos
  2. Right click a photo you wish to edit in one of the Nik Collection plugins
  3. capture_one_edit_with

    Screenshot of the Edit With option in Capture One

    Click Edit With

  4. Choose a format and parameters to edit with
  5. capture_one_choose_program

    Screenshot of the application chooser in Capture One.

    Click Open With and choose the application you wish to edit with

    1. If you don’t see the Nik Collection Plugins, click Browse
    2. capture_one_nik_collection_location

      Screenshot of a Windows file browser.

      Browse to your Computer -> C: Drive -> Program Files -> Google -> Nik Collection

    3. Choose the plugin folder you wish to use
    4. nik_collection_exe

      A screenshot of Analog Effects.exe

      Click the exe file for the plugin you wish to use

    5. NOTE: The 64bit folder/version can utilize more than 4GB of RAM and may perform better
  6. Make your edits in the selected plugin


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