Adelitas Way, Failure Anthem, and Through Fire at Bada Brew

Saturday, February 6th, 2016, Adelitas Way made a stop in Crest Hill, IL as a part of their tour. With them, Failure Anthem, Through Fire, and Eye of Attraction took the stage. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture Eye of Attraction, whom had opened for the night. I struggled to find a decent position for the second act, Through Fire, but was able to capture some great shots. I found myself in a better position for Failure Anthem and Adelitas Way, however.

Through the Fire Gallery – Click to View

The packed venue and lack of a security barrier or photographer’s area made photographing these performances difficult. I attempted to capture shots from various places around the venue to capture the ambiance of the crowd and venue while still capturing the incredible performance Through Fire gave.

Failure Anthem Gallery РClick to View

Once I found a spot up close in time for Failure Anthem, I was able to focus more on the shots I was taking and less on where to get them from. I still had people to shoot around, but I made it work. This also presented an opportunity for me to try some double exposure work as well. Most of them didn’t turn out well, but you can see the couple that did in this slideshow.


Adelitas Way Gallery – Click to View

I managed to stay close to the stage for Adelitas Way and captured everything I could, despite an excited audience at all sides. Playing favorites such as Collapse and Invincible, I did my best to capture the excitement and performers’ passion.


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