[Root] How to unlock wireless tethering on the Nexus 6


I will update the directions to be more clear and add screenshots soon. This is a rough guide as is. When this disclaimer is removed, it will be finalized.

Do you remember when carriers advertised their wireless hotspots you could purchase and subscribe to? I’m talking about those bricks that provided a WiFi hotspot separate from your phone. Few people purchase these anymore. One of the biggest reasons for this is due to the fact Google built this feature into Android a long time ago – carriers just disable or block it until you subscribe to the service. Well, I say you’re paying for the service, why only use it for the phone it’s locked to?

Before I get into the steps on doing this, I must add a disclaimer. If you use a capped or shared data plan, chances are this service is already included in your package. Using data over tethering will still count towards your data cap. Finally, unlocking the tethering without paying for it likely violates your terms of service and can be reason for your carrier to disconnect your services.

There, now that that’s covered, there are a few things required to unlock tethering:

  • Root is most definitely required
  • SQ Lite Editor or similar app
  • Build.prop Editor or similar app
  • A backup of your System partition in recovery in case you make a mistake

First we need to add a line of code to a database within Android. Using SQ Lite Editor, this is a piece of cake. This isn’t the only way to do this, but this is the process I will take.

  1. Open SQ Lite Editor
  2. Open Data
  3. Open Data (again)
  4. Open com.android.providers.settings
  5. Open Databases
  6. Open Settings.db
  7. Add the following line: tether_dun_required value 0
  8. Save the changes

Next we need to add a live of code to the build.prop. This can be done with a root-enabled file explorer or using a build.prop editing app. I will describe using the Build.prop Editor app:

  1. Open Build.prop editor
  2. Tap to edit the build.prop
  3. Add the following line: net.tethering.noprovisioning=true
  4. Save your changes
  5. Reboot phone

When the phone boots back up, tethering will now be enabled. If you update the ROM, install a system update, or similar, you may have to follow these steps again.

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