How to make a Google Play Music radio station with multiple genres


If you’re like most people, you don’t like just one genre of music or even one sub-genre of music. I hated Pandora for a long time because it limited radio to a single artist or genre – it gets boring after a while. Many other streaming music services offer radio the same way. Slacker Radio showed me it didn’t have to be this way, letting me customize my radio stations with multiple artists and genres. Then I jumped on Google Play Music All Access to fill my music cravings – anything I wanted. Radio with Google Music, however, felt like a step backwards. One genre, one artist radio. Then I found the solution!

Slacker Radio spoiled me with Radio customization and I kept looking for a way to stream a radio station with a variety of music that I enjoy. You can’t do this in any intuitive way, however. Even the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option feels focused to one genre most of the time – though I have had times in which a Lucky radio station did change genres if I listened long enough. Then I noticed almost everything offered an option to play a radio station from it – artists, songs, albums, and playlists.

Playlists! That’s the key! Build a playlist featuring a variety of music genres you enjoy, then play a radio station based on that playlist. The result will be a mixture of music based on what you’ve added to the playlist. The customization Slacker Radio can be simulated this way and it works beautifully!

To break it down for those who don’t prefer reading:

  1. Create a playlist
  2. Add music of various genres to the playlist
  3. Play Radio Station based on the new playlist
  4. Success!

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