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Today, I have a way to earn free money just by answering some simple questions from time to time. Who doesn’t like free? With Google Opinion Rewards, you can earn Google Play credit, which can be used towards apps, in-app purchases, movies, music, books, or virtually anything Google offers through Google Play. This is especially handy for those who may be reluctant to purchase anything on Google Play with your own money.

While Google Opinion Rewards isn’t new, having been out for about 2 years now, many owners of Android don’t know it exists yet. I have been using Google Opinion Rewards since it’s launch and have earned $24.63 as of writing this blog entry. I would have earned significantly more if I were of a different demographic and hadn’t made a mistake early on – I’ll discuss this later. The app is published by Google also, so there’s no need to worry about a suspicious third-party collecting your answers. Whether you trust Google with the, however, is your own opinion. Google makes money on customer data and advertising, which is why so many of their products are offered for free or at little cost. Google Opinion Rewards is just another avenue for Google to collect data. The difference is this method pays you for it.

So how does it work? Simple! Once you install the app and open it, it asks you a series of questions to identify your demographic – whether you are male/female, ethnicity, age group, etc. I don’t remember the specific questions now as it has been more than 2 years ago since I signed up. However, it is very important that you answer these questions carefully as you can’t go back and change your responses once submitted. If you feel like cheating the system and entering false information, you’re forever stuck with these answers. Also note that Google attempts to favor users that answer surveys honestly. I do not know how it determines this, but keep this in mind when answering any questions – be consistent. Once you’ve signed up, however, all you do is wait. Surveys are generated at random and you become notified in your notifications of your phone of one being available. The notifications also don’t vibrate or sound a ringer as to not interrupt you, so keep an eye on your notifications. Most often, the surveys consist of one or two questions and earn you 10 cents, sometimes as much as $1. Your demographic determines how often you receive surveys, however there is no known documentation how Google determines who receives surveys. While I am a white male in the 25-35 age range, I am in a majority demographic. I don’t receive surveys as often as I have seen others in other groups. However, I do average one survey a week to every two weeks. Regardless, I have still earned enough to buy some fantastic Android games!.

What about the mistake I made, you ask?

Those of you that know me personally know I dabble in modifying my phones’ software. One of the things I have played with in the past was exploring the process of blocking advertising on my phone. It was months without seeing a single survey before learning that ad blocking also blocks Google from delivering surveys. If you choose to block ads AND use Google Opinion Rewards, be sure to whitelist the following addresses in your ad blocker:

  • apis.google.com
  • clients4.google.com
  • google-analytics.com

Because I went months with these addresses blocked, these months produced no surveys and no credit for Google Play. Had I chosen not to block ads, I could have earned significantly more credit for answering a few brief questions.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.paidtasks

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