Lessons and a call of help to my fans

With the weekend quickly approaching and winter in the midwest causing havoc, many of us might be getting cabin fever being stuck indoors. What better way to distract yourself from the winter weather than putting a creative mind to work? If you agree and you’d like your creative outlet to be through a camera, then don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to offer lessons or coach everyone behind the camera. If you just want to improve your technique or learn how to use more features on your camera, let me know! If you’re not interested, perhaps your friends are so spread the word.

Like my page and share my work with your friends too. If lessons aren’t an interest, the beauty behind my work could inspire anyone. The growth and traffic to this page not only helps me earn a small portion of ad revenue and exposure, which I plan to use to reduce my college debt and launch a startup, but others that may share the same appreciation for photography may appreciate the work I produce as well. Thanks for everyone that has supported me this far.

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