App Update: Domain name ideas & other requests

IconFor those who aren’t aware, I am working with a programmer on an app idea I’ve had for a few years. I’m finally making it a reality. The app is meant for users to check what events and specials are happening around them to encourage getting out of the house and having fun. The floating tagline is “Curing boredom everyday!” and I’m open to suggestions on this. As I mentioned in my initial post on this project, I can’t spare many details yet. Though I have everything and then some already planned, the project is still very early in development and it’s only the two of us working on it.

The reason I’m writing this post in the first place is because I’m looking for suggestions from everyone reading this. I need a domain name, a website, for this project. I’ve already begun building the website and some of you have gotten a sneak peak, but the web address doesn’t exist yet. The app is called Nightlife Now, but is already taken. What else do you think I could use? Currently, I have pre-registered to own The dot now web addresses are expected to be available this year, so I would be one of the first to use it. But dot now isn’t very intuitive as we’re all accustomed to dot com. Is having a dot now web address worth trying?

Since I’m asking for suggestions on the domain name, I will also ask what you’d like to see in an app that gives users a list of events happening nearby and specials? This isn’t going to be a restaurant app like Yelp or a coupon service like Groupon. This is strictly “what can I do near me?” kind of information. Businesses would maintain their own information, events, specials, etc., users would be able to review events and the businesses, and users would also be able to mark their favorite businesses and events to look back on. This is the basic information of what the app consists of, but isn’t everything that will be a part of it. Your suggestions will be considered if you’re interested in seeing something specific.

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