App in the works

IconIt has been a while, yet again, since I’ve had anything new to say here. I’ve gone back to school to earn another degree on top of my regular job and side projects. What can I say? I like to keep busy!

But I also have started working on an app idea I’ve had for a few years now! ┬áMy initial idea was a website, but as technology has been evolving, it makes more sense to be an app. What is this million dollar idea? Well, I can’t spill all of the details yet. It’s still in the early stages too — very early. This app has getting out and doing something at the core, whether you’re looking for a bar or club to check out for the night or just looking for something different. This isn’t another business listing app or review & recommendation app. This is all about the events happening around you!

I have almost every corner and crack of this app planned out except for the legal and monetizing parts. The interface and overall look of the app is being designed by myself and I’ve partnered with a programmer to build the app. There’s no timeline for when to expect this to be finished yet, but I want this to be done right and not rushed. The app will initially be released on Android devices first, but we plan to expand beyond that. It’s a goal to at least support the iPhone next.

I can’t share specific details, but I will try to answer questions if anyone has any. Suggestions are welcome as well, whether you’re a business owner or an average user. Please contact me via the website’s contact page or comment below.

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